A Life Group is the place where 8-10 people gather at a location (most likely in a home), do life together, and seek to grow as disciples. These groups can choose to eat together and will have a sermon-based discussion. We would love for you to join a group as a way to connect and grow! How to join a Life Group: Click Here


Transformation Groups are groups of 3 or 4 same-sex Christ-followers (disciples) who meet weekly to go deeper in their walk with God and one another.  These groups pursue greater depth with Christ and others by taking what they learn and committing to live in obedience to all Christ commanded (John 14:15).

How: Each week do the readings before you meet, discuss the questions that are listed below and commit to sharing Christ’s transforming love by doing what you learn (John 14:15).

    Building Each Other Up in Christ:

  • How are you doing?  (i.e. Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally)

    Discussing the Scripture:

  • What has God been teaching you?
  • How have you acted on what God has been teaching you?

    Discover Kingdom Virtues:

  • How did Jesus give witness to this virtue?
  • How can this virtue be more evident in my life?

Tips for a Healthy Experience:

  • Meet at the same place and time
  • Gather with No more than 4 people of th
  • Read agreed upon Scripture daily:  1) start with a Gospel; 2) pick one or two chapters to read every day for a week or pick a chapter for the week and then read and hand-write 10 to 15 verses of that chapter every day.  
  • As you read or write-out the Scripture: 1) Observe – What does the Scripture say (What are the facts)?  2) Interpret – What does it mean? 3) Apply – How does this apply to my life?
  • Hold one another accountable to your readings
  • Remind one another who they are in Christ
  • Journal what God is teaching you and calling you to change or do
  • Highlight significant passages
  • Organize serving and 3rd place opportunities
  • Maintain confidentiality 
  • Share what Christ is calling you to do and do it   


As the church, we are called to B.L.E.S.S. others?  What does that mean for us?  B-Begin with prayer, L-listen to others, E-eat together, S-serve others, S-share your story


A Watch Party is a group of people who meet in homes to experience an online service together with 8-10 other people. They build community and encourage each other to grow in their faith by praising and worshiping through music, listening to the message, and engaging in discussion questions following our service. This is an amazing way to be intentionally missional by inviting neighbors and friends into our Watch Parties.


Services are made available by 9am Sunday mornings.  Join us right at 9am, midday or in the evening!  The time you gather on a Sunday with your Watch Party is determined by you and your group!


Follow the “Sunday Service” button on the homepage for a direct link to our YouTube or become a YouTube subscriber to:  Life Church of the Northwest Valley to view.


We have created some fun, at-home activities that you and your families can do together while continuing to learn about Jesus!  Watch Party group leaders will be given video curriculum as well as downloads/printables and a craft. If you are not able to attend a watch party one week, we have you covered! You can find all weekly resources on our Life Kids page.