Heart for the City

Heart for the City

Mission Statement

Heart for the City has been working tirelessly to do whatever it takes to raise up a new generation that challenges the physical, psychological, intellectual, social and emotional walls that trap inner-city youth. They do this by working with the WHOLE kid.  Not just through sports, not just through education, not just through mentoring, not just through job training—but, a program that breaks down the walls in all of these dimensions of an at-risk youth’s life.

Involvement of Life Church

Currently, Life Church holds two Heart for the City events.  

-The first one is a Backpack drive in July which members provide backpacks and school supplies. 

-The second event that Life Church holds is the Christmas Angels program in December where members donating toys and presents.

Involvement of our members

There are many ways in which members can support Heart for the City individually.  

  • Love sports?  Well they have that covered and are looking for coaches or referees for their sports teams and programs.  
  • How about teaching and instructing?  HFTC is looking for mentors or tutors at their after-school and summer programs.  
  • And lastly, who likes to cultivate the land?  I bet you didn’t know that HFTC has a community garden in which you can garden, plant, pick, and assist in the upkeep of the garden. 

Link to their website:  http://www.heartforthecityaz.org/

Contact for more information

Contact for more information:  Scott Doering at scottmdoering@gmail.com