Mama Jo’s Homeless Ministry aka Servants of the Master

Mama Jo’s Homeless Ministry aka Servants of the Master

Mission Statement

Over 30 years ago, Mama Jo saw the desperate need to help the homeless of Phoenix. Initially she was giving out sandwiches from her car, but now every other Saturday beginning at 7am she feeds over 500 people a delicious home-made meal prepared by all the volunteers themselves. Her goal is for the homeless to be served (literally and figuratively), therefore we hand prepare plates for everyone and serve them to the homeless who gather on benches outside of Andre House. Mama Jo also gives out toiletries, bibles, clothes, blankets, etc on various occasions.

Involvement of Life Church

Not only does Life Church provide volunteers each service time, but our Missions Team also gives $100 each month to help fund the food that is prepared.

Involvement of our members

Every other Saturday at 6:20am, Life Church car pools down to help feed the homeless. Dan Naish leaves with a group from the Life Church parking lot, while Carie Barlow drives a group from the I17 and Happy Valley. Many of our members bring prepared dishes of food, water, or other supplies.

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